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Rural tourism:

– March to Veikata. Leaving with a car from the hotel to vlg. Gorno Kapinovo. From the village to Veikata is about 4 hours walking one way. Guide – 40 lv.
– Visiting historic places and nature sights.
– Riding horse and donkey.
– ?
– Sowing tobacco, vegetables and trees, depends of the season.
– Baking pepper and preparing Bulgarian tomatoes sauce in September.
– Grazing sheeps and goats. For all these stuff our trained people are going to be with you.

Jerka’s village is situated about 3 km above Kirkovo. The most famous thing about this village is the Sycamore, which is more than 500 years old. The diameter of the crown is around 40 metres. The village is deserted in 1978. All of the inhabitants moved to Kirkovo. In 1997 only one person moved back to the village and started taking care of 150 sheeps. The meat of the sheeps is clean and has healing effects – it heals from broken heart and many more diseases. In Jerka visitors can see the old Turkish graveyard and the way of living of people from 200- 300 years back. The view of Jerka is amazing. If the sky is clean the tower of Snejanka ( 120 km away) it can be seen.

Djony’s ranch.
It is situated 3 km away from the hotel. There visitors can see more than 200 various stuff, unique nature, authentic pictures of Stalin and Todor Jivkov. Summer parties there are organized if wanted. The difference of the temperature in summer days is 10 °С.

Petko fire
The legend of this area: Kapitan Petko Voivoda has been hiding in the sheep’s place in this area during the ottoman slavery. The ottomans have found out about this but when they have looked for him there, they haven’t found him and burned the sheep’s place. That’s where the name of this place come from. There’s a Summerhouse that can seat 40 people and it is build with help of a local contractor and his family. The Summerhouse has power and power and they are for free. The view of this place is unforgettable. Barbeque and nice music are necessary. Every year here, on 6th of May George’s day ( Gergiovden) is celebrated.

It is situated before the border of Greece and it is long 200 m. The highest point is 65 m.
Gabata – it is situated 13 km away from Kirkovo.
Greece – it is situated 10 km away from Kirkovo. The closest city is Komotini, and the closest resort is Fanari.