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The community of Kirkovo is created in 26.03.1914. After 09.09.1944 the community of Kirkovo is transformed to municipal people’s council. During the formation of the government only one mayor existed, his name is Mehmed Juseinov. Subsequently is appointed a person who begin to collect taxes from the inhabitants of Kirkovo, after that a secretary is also appointed.
In 1956 the community has become a part of Kurdjali province. From 1987 the community unite Kirkovo, Podkova and Benkovski represented by Nasko Karadjov.
In the territory of Kirkovo function 21 community centres. Some of them are in the villages of Kirkovo, Benkovski, Tihomir, Draganovo, Chakalarovo and Fotinovo.
In 5 of the community centres activities are developing fallowing the program “ Global libraries – Bulgaria” which has started in 2009 and finished in 2011. All of the members received accommodation and internet for their visitors.