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Hunting and Fishing

Hunting here is really fun. In the area of hunting society Kirkovo, can be found : wild-boar, rabbits, ducks and predatory animals. Hunting organizations here are together with the rest of the hunters of vlg. Shumnatitsa. It is necessary for everyone to bring their own weapon and papers. The fee is 20 lv. The people who are going to help hunting are bringing their trained dogs. If someone wants to use a jeep they can rend ours. For guests from foreign countries which want to take part in hunting with professional hunters from the region, they going to receive an invitation which declare rights of bringing own weapon in Bulgaria. The dog needs it is own passport. For hunters and tourists, hunting meetings can be organized in places outside of the hotel. Hunting can be organized in Jenda’s reserve (with own rules).


Kirkovo’s territory has big and small dam lakes, these dam lakes have plenty of fish. The biggest is located in 15 km away from the hotel. Fishing also can be organized in White sea. To get there with a car it is about 30 mins.